Part 3 Introduction
The modern era of extraterrestrial visitation has brought in scientific and technological innovations that never would have developed so early at the normal pace of scientific progress. It has put us at least fifty years ahead, perhaps much more. Direct secret conferences with alien scientists, back engineering of crashed alien craft, and observation and analysis of the performance of the craft have brought about a scientific revolution that is capable of exponentially improving all aspects of life on earth. While it is clear now that extraterrestrials have been visiting and even living here for thousands of years, it was only when “home-grown? science had reached a high enough level sometime in the 1930s, that we were able to appreciate and utilize the alien technologies. Certainly, if a man had found a transistor in a crashed disc in the 19th Century, he would have marveled at it but would have just thrown it away. Whereas, the transistor found in the Roswell craft sparked an explosion in the speed, cooling and miniaturization technologies in the computer industry. Our engineers and scientists have gained startling new insights into electromagnetism, gravity, quantum mechanics, and the nature of time, so that today we are at the threshold of a totally new era. While some of these innovations, such as the transistor, have been dribbled out to American industry, as revealed by Colonel Philip Corso in The Day After Roswell, the major developments resulting from alien interaction that could truly revolutionize energy, travel and biochemistry have been kept under wraps in the classified world. In this section of the book, we seek to reveal what we have been able to elicit and deduce from that world in order to make the point that the secret history of ET contact is also the secret history of ET engendered fantastic new science and technology. .
From"Secret History of Extraterrestrials"
                 Chapter 19 "The Hybrid Project"
The aliens evidently fertilize the egg in their laboratory, and somehow splice into the egg the alien genetic component. According to Colonel Donald Ware, they apparently can choose from a “menu? of alien genetic materials to produce hybrid children with more or less alien characteristics and the precise combination they are seeking. According to Dr. Mack they have now perfected their procedures after years of experimentation. Thus they know in advance exactly how “strange? the hybrid child will appear in human society. They then abduct the female from whom they have taken the egg, a second time. This time they implant the fertilized embryo into her uterus. According to Dr. Jacobs in Secret Life, “Usually the woman knows that something is being inserted into her and left there. She receives the impression that she is now pregnant. She does not want to be pregnant, and she certainly does not want to be pregnant under those circumstances. The Beings ignore her objections.? The final step in this reproductive process is the removal of the fetus. This procedure is sometimes painful. Dr. Jacobs’ subject, Lynn Miller, says the taller “doctor-type? alien poked her in the side and said, “It’s time to take it.? Then he inserted a long black instrument with a cup on the end, which seemed to cause suction. She says, “It feels like he’s tearing something inside at first...they’re not too gentle. I keep on telling them that it hurts.? Dr. Jacobs asked, “Does he try to make it stop hurting?? She said, “No.? 
           Chapter 22 "It's Only a Matter of Time"
Anyone who is still unconvinced by Davenport’'s theory should consider the words of the aliens themselves. In a chapter in the book entitled “We Are Guinea Pigs,? Davenport cites the case of a Wisconsin attorney who was abducted in 1970 by ETs who asked him what type of time we use. They then told him that time doesn’t really exist, and that they could “distort time as we know it by speeding it up, slowing it down, or stopping it.? They also told him that they traveled faster than the speed of light. A contactee from Rhodesia in 1974 told hypnotist Dr. Paul Oberick, “They can travel on time. Speed of light is too slow to cover billions of miles in seconds . . . They are time travelers, not space travelers.?

Davenport’s arguments are very convincing. While it does boggle the mind to imagine that past, present, and future are all happening simultaneously, that may only be because of our limited consciousness. Davenport agrees that our perception of time is created by our consciousness, and may well be an illusion. Such anomalies as dreams, synchronicity, déjà vue and remote viewing all point to this probability. Someday when we are more spiritually aware, we may look back and wonder how we could ever have allowed ourselves to be so tyrannized by time. 

    Chapter 1 "George Adamski: Emissary from Earth"
The conversation then turned to the space craft. The man from Venus pointed to a saucer hovering just above the ground over a nearby hill. Adamski hadn’t even seen it, but realized immediately that it was the one he thought had gone away. He laughed heartily at Adamski’s surprise, and Adamski joined in, and then asked him if he had come all the way from Venus in the saucer. He shook his head, and told Adamski that he had come in a much larger ship. Adamski formed the picture of many saucers being carried in the cigar-shaped craft, and put it side-by-side with an aircraft carrier. The space-man nodded his head at the comparison. 

Adamski then inquired about the means of propulsion. Here the man from Venus used the now-famous, simple but graphic illustration of how the craft operated. He picked up a small rock and dropped it once, and then picked it up again and showed it in motion. Adamski then asked if it was magnetic, and used the word three times while miming attraction and repulsion. The man nodded and repeated the word “magnetic.? But evidently, Adamski didn’t get the whole message here. When the Venusian dropped the rock the first time, he was trying to indicate the concept of “gravity? or “gravitation.? Then when he picked it up again and showed it in motion, he was saying, in effect, “anti-gravity.? Adamski never understood this. But now, five decades later, with anti-gravity research well -advanced and, probably already secretly developed, it is very clear. 
              Chapter 6 "Through the Looking Glass"
JB claimed that he filmed two dissections in July 1947. One of the dissected aliens was probably one of the three from Socorro that survived but later died of his wounds, which are quite apparent in the autopsy film, where we see a very large gash in the right leg. Did the second one come from the El Capitan crash, where four six-fingered aliens were filmed being put into body bags? Of the two Socorro aliens left alive, one apparently died in 1949, when JB filmed a third dissection. That left one alien still alive. His fate may have been revealed by a mysterious message that Howe found on her answering machine one night. A slow, deliberate voice with a Texas drawl said, “The government made contact in 1949 when they returned the alien that survived.? 
        Chapter 7 "Close Encounters of the Real Kind"
The team commander’s account of the landing is memorable. “We see the planet for the first time. We walk down the ramp. Large number of ebens waiting for us. We see a large eben, largest one we have seen yet . . . I guess this guy is the leader. About one foot taller than the others. The leader tells us we are welcome to planet . . . we are lead [sic] to an open arena. Looks like a parade field. The ground is dirt. Looking up, I see blue skies. The sky is very clear. We see two suns. One brighter than the other. The landscape looks like a desert, Arizona or new Mexico. No vegetation that we can see. There are rolling hills but nothing but dirt . . . The brightness is almost too much for our eyes without sunglasses. . . . What a planet.? They were quartered in four huts that appeared to be adobe-like, and all their gear was stored in an underground facility. The temperature was 107° F. The buildings all had lights and electricity generated by a small box. They were able to plug their electrical devices into the box, and they all worked.