The book that blows the lid off UFO and ET contact secrecy!
Len Kasten's newest book was published on May 5th, 2013                               by Inner Traditions. 
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Twelve American military personnel were selected from a large pool of volunteers for this amazing mission. They thought they were going to the moon, but found out late in their training that they would be taken to a distant planet on an alien space ship, and would live there for a projected period of ten years! In a true story that is beyond Star Trek, get the first-hand account of this remarkable journey directly from the Team Commander's diary. 

The entire saga was reported by a team of active and retired officials of the Defense Intelligence Agency to an email network of  UFO/ET insiders, and then published on a dedicated website in November, 2005, It was released twenty-five years after the final report was written to conform to government regulations regarding declassification of Top-Secret information.

Len Kasten has put the entire story in book form and added other relevant information to round-out this amazing space-age tale that reveals long-term government interaction with the Eben civilization on a planet in a star system 39 light years from Earth. 
                                                 Excerpt from "Introduction"

"It would be a mistake to attribute their bravery simply to a sense of adventure, to say that their fear and trepidation was trumped by the excitement of experiencing living in such a new and startlingly different world. This kind of bravery had to be rooted in a determination to advance human knowledge about life in our galaxy. Somewhere in their minds there had to be those small voices that said that the time had come for the human race to push out into space, similar to that same voice in the mind of Christopher Columbus that told him that humans must explore this entire planet that we dwell upon. So these twelve were very special people. It is difficult to even imagine such courage and audacity. And yet, we don’t even know their names! The government has rigidly maintained the policy that they must remain anonymous. Someday, somewhere, almost certainly, there will be a monument built to honor these intrepid space pioneers. Perhaps it will be at NASA, or in Houston, or at Cape Kennedy. But it really belongs at the Mall in Washington D.C., where it will remind tourists and visitors for all time that twelve courageous Americans dared to travel across the galaxy to a distant star system to advance the human race to a new level of knowledge and experience."
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