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  • Issue 22

    The Politics of Anti-Gravity| The Nightmare Futures of Mary Shelley| The Mystery of the Quick Frozen Mammoths| Are We Approaching the Abyss?| Children and Near Death

  • Issue 23

    Len Horowitz: The Bloodstream Wars| The Mystery of Mars| The Curious History of Adele Hugo| Giza: The (Half) Truth| Visions of the Shaman

  • Issue 26

    The Hall of Mirrors: A Conversation with John Mack| Were the Pyramids Poured?| How Old Were the Olmecs?| The Priest and His Time Machine| The Metals of the Gods

  • Issue 27

    The Aegean Atlantis Deception| UFOs of the Third Reich| The Search for Tesla's Lost Papers| W.B. Yeats: Poet of the Supernatural| The Osiris Connection

  • Issue 28 July/August 2001

    The Atlantis Blueprint| Yogananda: How America Discovered Yoga| The Fight for Alien Technology| The "Bimini" of Japan: Lemuria?| At the Edge of the Future: Sean David Morton

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