Len Kasten
The book that will challenge all your beliefs!

                   Released November 11, 2010 
Published by Inner Traditions*Bear & Company

                                WOULD YOU BELIEVE....

The Germans built a time machine in 1922 for communicating with 

Aliens helped the Nazis build flying saucers?

Aliens gave Hitler a cloned army of stormtroopers?

Nikola Tesla had "offf-planet" friends?

WWII was an extraterrestrial battle?

The surviving Roswell alien helped us communicate with Serpo in 
Zeta Reticuli?

Ex-nazi scientists helped us develop anti-gravity aircraft in the fifties?

President Eisenhower turned down a deal with extraterrestrials?

We sent 12 American astronauts to Zeta Reticuli on an alien space 
ship in 1965?

Grey aliens are cross-breeding with humans to develop a hybrid race?

We invaded Iraq to get control of a stargate?

We are helping the Martians to develop a glass-enclosed city?

We have had colonies on the Moon and Mars since 1962?

The aliens are really time travelers?

The Great Pyramid of Giza was built using alien science and 

Read the book and become convinced.
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The Secret History of Extraterrestrials was basically fourteen years in the making. Len Kasten began writing feature articles for Atlantis Rising magazine in 1996. He has written fifty-two articles since that time, including eight cover stories. Most of his articles have covered the UFO/ET scene as it has evolved. When Inner Traditions reviewed his UFO related articles, it quickly became apparent that they covered a wide and comprehensive view of the subject, and could easily constitute a book that was not simply a compendium, but rather had a clear narrative drive. Consequently, twenty-six articles were selected for inclusion, along with some additional newly written material. Enhanced by the beautiful sci-fi art of Jim Nichols, the resulting book took on a life that no-one had expected. Because of its eclectic nature, The Secret History has a sweep that could never have been achieved if it had been written conventionally. Each chapter covers a subject in depth since it had to stand on its own as an article. And to satisfy the magazine’s relentless requirement for diversity, the entire UFO panorama had to be addressed. The result is a book that is both comprehensive and deep at the same time. Never reluctant to go where others have feared to tread, The Secret History takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride from George Adamski, through Roswell, antigravity aircraft, ET involvement in WWII, a city on Mars, abductions and hybrids, the trip to Serpo, and all the way back to ancient Egypt. You will be dizzy when you finish this book and step back onto terra firma. 
Roswell crash, July 4, 1947 (Art by David Hardy)
      Crash in Kingman, Arizona, May 21, 1953
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